As part of a BBC documentary about Holocaust survivors living in the UK, Frances is currently creating a series of sculptures of Holocaust survivors.

“I recently started sculpting Holocaust survivors in commemoration of those who perished and in recognition of those who survived. It is unimaginable to think what these extraordinary people went through, and it is a great honour to sculpt them.”  Frances Segelman

Marking Holocaust Memorial Day 2018, Frances sculpted Arek Hersh MBE at the Makor Jewish Culture Centre in Frances’ home town Leeds. The finished sculpture was unveiled at The National Holocaust Centre and Museum in Nottingham, and is featured in the following short film:


Frances also sculpted Ivor Perl BEM at Jewish Care’s Holocaust Survivors’ Centre. Ivor said of being sculpted by Frances:

“In some ways, it feels as though I was reborn and was recreated by Frances. Many survivors ask the question, why did I survive to live through those terrible times? Being sculpted for posterity is a very healing process. In one hundred years’ time, people of the future could see that sculpture, find meaning in it and learn about what happened in the Holocaust.”

In June Frances will sculpt legendary former champion weightlifter, Ben Helfgott MBE, for Yad Vashem. Ben is one of only two Jewish athletes to have competed in the Olympics after surviving the Holocaust.

Ivor Perl being sculpted by Frances at the Holocaust Survivors’ Centre
Photo Sam Churchill