All over the UK, there are people who show amazing courage, determination and compassion on a daily basis in an effort to overcome the debilitating effects of stroke.

I was proud to help judge this year’s Stroke Association Award for Creative Arts. This award is presented to a stroke survivor who uses the visual, performing or applied arts to express him or herself creatively. This can include, among other things, painting, drawing, music, literature, photography, film or graphic design.

Stroke Association – Judging Panel

From left to right back row – Simon Tarrant, Brendan Neiland, Andrew M. Love, Lady Fellowes of West Stafford, Toni Mascolo, Mark Moody, Geoffrey Palmer

From left to right front row – Laura Milne, Juliet Bouverie, Lady Ashcroft, Lady Petchey, Lisa Jordan, Brenda Emmanus, Lady Leith, Patricia Thompson, Jeanette Cooper Hudson

“The Life After Stroke Awards recognise the achievements of everyone affected by stroke. We celebrate stroke survivors for showing tremendous spirit and determination after their stroke. We also commend carers, volunteers, stroke clubs and health professionals who are with stroke survivors every step of the way. Our community is a force for good, together we can conquer stroke.” Karren Brady, Patron, Life After Stroke Awards.

Nominations for the 2016 Life After Stroke Awards are now closed and the winners will be announced later this year. Nominations for  the 2017 awards are open – click here to nominate your stroke hero today.